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Limited Release

They appear, they're snapped up and they are gone. Winexpert offer favourites and classics year-on-year. But we all like a change. Limited Release are always something different. From fruity fun to rich reds. Scroll down and see, but don't wait too long.

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Pacific Quartet

Made in 6 Weeks (16 L grape juice)

Price: $173.99 made by us, $117.49 made at home

Chenin Blanc, Viogner, Gewurstraminer and Muscat. Now that is a blend. Bold, rich and ready to enjoy straight from bottling. The four grapes in this wine create a show-stopping blend with brilliant flavours of apple, stone fruit, lychee, rose petals and orange peel. Full-bodied yet supple, this off-dry wine with balancing acidity pairs perfectly with spicy and savory dishes.

Sweetness: 3/10     Body: 3/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 11.5%

Pink Moscato

Made in 4 Weeks (10 L grape juice)

Price: $128.49 we unwind it, $78.49 you unwind 

Moscato is an Italian Muscat. Left it a little longer with its skin to develops a gentle blush. Light and refreshing on the palate with flavours of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. 

Sweetness: 6/10     Body: 3/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 12.0%

Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel Cabernet with Grape Skins - SOLD OUT

Made in 8 Weeks (18 L grape juice) 

We hunted high and low to keep the supply of this fanastic wine going, but Bourbon Barrel is gone. However, there is still a chance to enjoy that bourbon smoothness. Talk to us about Bourbon Chips.....

Chocolate Orange Mist

Made in 4 Weeks (7.5 L grape juice) 

Price: $124.99 with our love, $74.99 with yours

Something different from the Island Mist fruit wine range. CHOCOLATE ORANGE is an irresistible new limited release featuring the same light body and alcohol, with a smooth chocolaty twist.

A classic sweet pairing of orange and chocolate all in one glass. Aromas of rich dark chocolate and tangy orange round out this balanced blend which is rich and flavourful with a smooth finish. Available now while quantities last.

Sweetness: 6/10     Body: 1/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 6.0%

Peach Icewine

Made in 6 Weeks (11.5 L grape juice)

Price: $162.99 in store, $102.99 at home 

Warm notes of sweet and succulent baked peach, with light honeyed undertones make this the ultimate dessert wine. Full in body, full in sweetness.

Sweetness: 10/10     Body: 4/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 13.0%