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Limited Release

They appear, they're snapped up and they are gone. Winexpert offer favourites and classics year-on-year. But we all like a change. Limited Release are always something different. From fruity fun to rich reds. Scroll down and see, but don't wait too long.

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Italian Pink Pinot Grigio

Made in 6 Weeks (16 L grape juice)

Price: $176.99 made by us, $120.99 made at home

A favourite in 2018 that was gone way to quickly. We hope to hold this on the shelves for longer this year, but there are no promises. LIMITED QUANTITIES

Imagine floral and tropical aromas with light apple/pear added to the delightful flavors of strawberry and rhubarb all wrapped up in a pale pink bow and there you have the perfect sipping summer wine!

Sweetness: off-dry    Body: light-medium    Oak: none    Alcohol: 12.0%

Available February 11 

Island Mist Grapefruit Passion Rosé

Made in 4 Weeks (7.5 L grape juice)

Price: $123.49 made by us, $63.99 made at home

The perfect combination of sweet citrusy essence of Passion Fruit and bold flavors of Grapefruit unleashes an exotic, well balanced rosé.

Serve in a Pitcher with sliced frozen fruit slices and Enjoy while relaxing in the summer sun.

Available 18 February   LIMITED QUANTITIES

Pacific Quartet

Made in 6 Weeks (16 L grape juice)

Price: $173.99 made by us, $117.49 made at home

Chenin Blanc, Viogner, Gewurstraminer and Muscat. Now that is a blend. Bold, rich and ready to enjoy straight from bottling. The four grapes in this wine create a show-stopping blend with brilliant flavours of apple, stone fruit, lychee, rose petals and orange peel. Full-bodied yet supple, this off-dry wine with balancing acidity pairs perfectly with spicy and savory dishes.

Sweetness: 3/10     Body: 3/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 11.5%

Pink Moscato

Made in 4 Weeks (10 L grape juice)

Price: $128.49 we unwind it, $78.49 you unwind 

Moscato is an Italian Muscat. Left it a little longer with its skin to develops a gentle blush. Light and refreshing on the palate with flavours of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. 

Sweetness: 6/10     Body: 3/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 12.0%

Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel Cabernet with Grape Skins - SOLD OUT

Made in 8 Weeks (18 L grape juice) 

We hunted high and low to keep the supply of this fanastic wine going, but Bourbon Barrel is gone. However, there is still a chance to enjoy that bourbon smoothness. Talk to us about Bourbon Chips.....

Chocolate Orange Mist

Made in 4 Weeks (7.5 L grape juice) 

Price: $124.99 with our love, $74.99 with yours

Something different from the Island Mist fruit wine range. CHOCOLATE ORANGE is an irresistible new limited release featuring the same light body and alcohol, with a smooth chocolaty twist.

A classic sweet pairing of orange and chocolate all in one glass. Aromas of rich dark chocolate and tangy orange round out this balanced blend which is rich and flavourful with a smooth finish. Available now while quantities last.

Sweetness: 6/10     Body: 1/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 6.0%

Peach Icewine

Made in 6 Weeks (11.5 L grape juice)

Price: $162.99 in store, $102.99 at home 

Warm notes of sweet and succulent baked peach, with light honeyed undertones make this the ultimate dessert wine. Full in body, full in sweetness.

Sweetness: 10/10     Body: 4/5     Oak: 0/3     Alcohol: 13.0%